During Laura's decade-plus at PCWorld, she edited and wrote about topics from career advice to game trends, but software was her main beat. She wrote the first article about Slack, and she managed the popular Downloads section (later called "Software") in its heyday.

Laura was the first writer of the Download This column, which appeared online and in print. When the volume of online reviews by contributors reached critical mass, she proposed converting the column to a multiple-author format. She edited Download This from that point through the end of its run, and continued to edit software reviews for PCWorld magazine until it exited print.

When PCWorld shifted to online-only publishing, Laura added regular feature editing to her section management duties.

A few examples of Laura's edits for PCWorld:

Related publications such as Computerworld and Macworld often reprinted Laura's work. PCWorld's archives extend only as far as 2006, but thanks to Macworld, one of Laura's early news stories is still readable (if not exactly news at this point).

Slack image by Michael Homnick for PCWorld.