Cliffhanger Chat Stories tells thrilling and scary stories in text-messaging format (Android and iOS). The free app breaks the stories at harrowing points, leaving the reader with the choice of waiting for the next installment or buying a subscription. The subscription includes images in some stories, as well as the ability to binge-read without stopping.

Laura Blackwell's stories currently available in the New Releases, Horror, Supernatural, and Thriller sections of Cliffhanger:

"GrimReapr" What if an AI personal assistant could help someone get away with murder?

"Natural Hunters" Hannah loves her sister, her cat, her new boyfriend, and the neighborhood feral cats. At least one of these is unfortunate.

"Sinister Sister" When Kat's little sister goes missing, she discovers a dangerous family secret.

"Live with It" Tess's new home is pretty nice. Maybe that's why the previous tenant didn't move out after death.

"Last Train Home" Jasmine ran to catch her train...but now that she's there, what is on the train with her?