jaym gates

STRANGE CALIFORNIA Kickstarter in its final week!

The Strange California anthology is home to my San Francisco story "The One Thing I Can Never Tell Julie." Right now, that home is floating in the ether. Strange California depends on crowdfunding, so to bring this creepy tale out of the fog and into the cold daylight, its Kickstarter must fund.

"The One Thing I Can Never Tell Julie" is one of 26 tales of California as it never was, as it might someday be, or as it might be unbeknownst to us. Editors Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Batt have selected stories from Seanan McGuire, Nick Mamatas, Christie Yant, E. Catherine Tobler, Tim Pratt, Nancy Holder, Marion Deeds, Juliette Wade, K.A. Rochnik, and more.  

Beautifully illustrated and with a cover by noted artist Galen Dara, the book looks gorgeous. Kickstarter rewards such as a custom blend of tea add a haunting note for all the senses. You can even become part of the book by buying a Tuckerization, making your name part of the ink and pixels that make up Strange California.

Secure your own copy of Strange California by backing the Kickstarter today, before your chance disappears into the fog.