Year-end awards eligibility post

Hey, I had some stuff published in 2017! It is eligible for awards!

"The One Thing I Can Never Tell Julie" appeared in Strange California, edited by Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Batt (Falstaff Books, August 2017). Horror short story, 4000 words. Goodreads reviewer Michael Burnham-Fink called this story out as a favorite

"Porcelain Skin" will appear in Hardened Hearts, edited by Eddie Generous (Unnerving, December 2017). Fantasy short story, 2100 words. Reviewer Maria Haskins called this story "a fabulous tale about a box, friendship and love, and the regrets of things not said and done in time."

I have the extraordinary delight of copyediting Shimmerwhich is eligible as a fiction periodical in semi-pro categories. 2017 was a remarkable year full of shimmery stories, each of which is online to read for free.