Bringing a writer back from the dead

In a Facebook post lost in the mists of very frequent posting, Ian Harac mused something like, "What would happen if a fan raised a writer from the dead to finish a series they didn't finish?" Ian gave me his blessing to run with the idea, and I took off with it. What fascinated me wasn't the deal itself—in such games, the house always wins—but why the fan would be willing to pay what could only be a staggeringly steep price.

Although it's a short story and not a novel, and it's written not by the fictional Edward L. Heard but by me, "The Posthumous Novel of Edward L. Heard" came together with surprising ease. I'm pleased that it found a home at the excellent Triptych Tales, where it received a thoughtful edit from Melanie Fogel and insightful art from Wendy Quirt.

And if Ian ever writes a story about a fan raising a writer from the dead, I'll read it as soon as I can get my hands on it. It will be funny and clever and very, very different from "The Posthumous Novel of Edward L. Heard."