My 2015 and beyond

New Year's resolutions are all very well and good, but the current thinking is that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so here we are on January 21. I've been working on my habit of doing my own writing. With dedication, I can make this year more successful than last year.

2015 saw two of my short stories published, both firsts. "The Eternal Goodnight" is my first published flash fiction; "Bitter Perfume" appeared in She Walks in Shadows, the first Lovecraftian anthology by female creators. She Walks in Shadows received overall favorable reviews, some of them naming "Bitter Perfume" as a standout.

Shimmer editor E. Catherine Tobler asked me to copyedit more stories, not just a few per issue. Working on Shimmer stories is fascinating and rewarding—has been since the first story I copyedited for the publication—so of course I said "yes." Shimmer's stories sparked a lot of buzz last year, and having read some of the 2016 stories, I think that trend will continue.

I spent several months contracted to boutique content-marketing firm Tendo Communications, where I wrote and edited everything from tweets to white papers. The good people there let me write about subjects near to my heart—the business necessity of a style guide and voice-and-tone guide—for the Tendo View blog.

Most of my freelance edits are for nonfiction, but I started the new year with a novel-writing client, who has been delightful; the work has been delightful, too. Every story, and every kind of writing, has its own editing challenges. I haven't found one yet that I didn't enjoy.

Last year, I met a number of wonderful people—writers, editors, and readers—at cons, workshops, classes, and freelance gigs. That's another trend I'd like to continue.

So the plan for 2016: more writing, more editing, more reading. More human connections, more learning. More wonder, more delight. These habits will build my work, and me, into something better.