Backmatter blog: in medias res

There's always more than one thing going on. I'm polishing up "Slow Burn" for publication, finishing up a picture book collaboration, holding on to a story that I think is done but hasn't hit its desired open-reading window, and writing and editing some stories I've been meaning to get down for a long time.

I've written features and fiction. I've reviewed books, movies, beauty products, hardware, and software. I even write letters in longhand from time to time. Of all the things I like to write, self-aggrandizing status updates on a blog are pretty much my least favorite.

I've edited reviews, charts, and collections. Every weekday, I edit columns and news. I copy-edit fiction for fun. I compile newsletters. If I were editing this post closely, a throat-clearing lede like the above would be blue-penciled out of existence.

My plan is to update this blog only when I have something to say that doesn't fit elsewhere. It might be a deleted scene from a story, notes about a particularly interesting edit, some thank-yous to the many lovely people who lend me their expertise about everything from art to editing to refrigeration systems, or something else about my writing or editing. That's why I'm calling this blog Backmatter.

To find out what I'm doing from day to day, follow me @pronouncedLAHra on Twitter.