"Slow Burn" is made possible by the generous help of...

"Slow Burn" is a work of weird fiction, and that made it all the more important to have some grounding in reality. In addition to the usual Web research, I spent a fair amount of time memorizing BART signs and studying friends' San Francisco apartments.

Luckily, I had help. Robert Strohmeyer explained some of the ins and outs of police procedure, which let me simplify the story without sacrificing realism. Miriam Oudin provided online resources, thoughtful critique, and support. My family backed me up at every turn.

"Slow Burn" also benefited from a developmental edit and a line edit from paid editors. Beth Kamoroff added the cover to an already full slate of design work and created not just a cover, but an original design that's practically a logo.

Overkill for a novelette? Maybe. But I wanted the story to be as good as it could be, and published while it still figured into the bitter zeitgeist of San Francisco in 2014.

What's not overkill is acknowledging their contributions. Thank you all for helping me to make "Slow Burn" what I wanted it to be.