Laura Blackwell is a writer of speculative fiction. Most, but not all, of her stories are contemporary fantasy or horror. Her novelettes and short stories have appeared in magazines and in various print and eBook anthologies, including 2015 Locus Recommended and 2016 World Fantasy Award-winning She Walks in Shadows. You can find her on Twitter at @pronouncedLAHra.


Laura Blackwell is a journalist and editor. A ten-year PCWorld veteran, Laura edited the Software section. She also wrote for PCWorld and TechHive. Now Laura edits business, science, and technology journalism as a freelancer. You can find her on Twitter at @pronouncedLAHra.

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Laura Blackwell was born in the South, where her first name is pronounced "lah-ra." She was raised in the Upper Midwest and now lives in Northern California. 

Laura attended Grinnell College. She loved archaeology and books too much to choose just one, and graduated with a double major in anthropology and English.

After dabbling in gem identification, Laura entered the field of journalism. She started at PCWorld when it was still PC World and published a print magazine. After more than ten years as a technology journalist, Laura went freelance. She is enjoying the breadth of different subjects that freelance provides.

She also writes science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror. Her short stories and novelettes have appeared in various magazines and anthologies.

Portrait of Laura Blackwell by Marina Shuster Design  and Photography.

Portrait of Laura Blackwell by Shaenon K. Garrity.

She's not really that fussy about how you pronounce her name.